Sessional Suites

fully equpped sessional suites

Athol Place offers two fully equipped Sessional Suites including treatment rooms to visiting doctors. Suites can be rented for full days or half days. Free onsite parking available for doctor and patients.

Beautiful sessional suites

Sessional suites are available for short-term use. These suits are equipped with sophisticated and stylish finishes to ensure a comfortable and seamless integration. Each suite has sinks and glove dispensers, and a large waiting room.   

The rooms offer free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi. All staff are experienced, trained medical administrators who prioritise patient safety and service.

All fees include basic consumables, linen, meet and greet patients, basic billing and access to equipment.

Free parking for patients and visiting doctor’s available onsite.

Clinicians and medical providers currently using sessional suites include Dr Toby Cohen, The Vascular Lab, and The Vein Lab

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We have large sessional suites and beautiful medical offices available to rent. Contact us today to find out more.

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